Long Distance

Long Distance plain and simple!

Voce Telecom doesn’t have hundreds of different long distance product options, because we don’t have to. Our one “Plain and Simple Plan” includes the following:

  • No Monthly Fees
  • Rates good 24/7
  • $2.95 minimum usage charge (not a monthly fee)
  • Calls Billed in 6-Second Increments
Toll Free

Voce Telecom offers Toll-Free numbers to both commercial and residential accounts, without any additional fees.


  • Competitive In-State Rates
  • Calls Billed in 6-Second Increments
  • Same Rate 24 Hours Per Day
  • Free Custom Toll-free Number Searches (On up to 5 numbers)
  • No Monthly Fees ($2.95 minimum usage charge applies, but will be combined with Long Distance usage)
  • Ability to move existing numbers to Voce Telecom
Long Distance Calling Cards

All Long Distance customers are eligible to receive a Voce Telecom Calling Card. Calling cards work from any phone in the United States, allowing customers the freedom to place Long Distance calls when they are away from home, without the high cost of Collect Calls, Pay Phones, or Third Party Charges.


  • No Surcharges
  • Calls Billed in 6-Second Increments
  • Same Rate 24 Hours Per Day
  • Custom PIN numbers
  • Internet Services

    DSL Services

    Voce Telecom is the ideal choice for your DSL internet service in the Phoenix Metro Area.

    Nationwide Dial Up Services

    Our dial-up service is available nationwide. We want to provide you with the best service and quality possible.

    Fractional T1 Services

    Voce Telecom provides Internet bandwidth configurations to serve every business need.

    Operator Services

    Located in San Luis Obispo, California, Voce Telecom hires only the most professional and friendly operators to staff our 24x7 multi-lingual call center. The call center platform is built on a redundant fiber network and is connected to UPS and generator powered back-up systems. In addition to CLEC's, PTT's, and IEC's, Voce Telecom provides quality operator service to hotels, payphones, and hospitals around the world.

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